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Herveus rambles

...on occasion

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7 December 1956
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Michael is a computer geek with emphasis on database stuff, and really prefers to use Perl.

Herveus is one of Henry's new men holding lands in Lancashire in 1225. He also is a herald, being Morsulus Herald. On top of that, he does tablet weaving and makes looms and such for weaving. This is all in the context of (mostly) the SCA.

Oh, and for the Unitarian Jihad, this is the Spikey Mace of Quiet Reason.

I did that Johari thing: http://kevan.org/johari?view=herveus
Feel free to add your perception of me.

...and a proud member of the SCA Internet Whitewash Squad, tidying up after folks who are overgenerous with the brush-o-tar.

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