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My dear wife is at 50 Year, selling her wares. She has had chances to get out and see things. Atlantia put up a display that included lists of recipients of each peerage order. That's cool. My wife noticed that my name was missing from the Laurel and Pelican. WTF? She took pictures of each and posted them to FaceBook with the query "Where's Herveus" (not wearing a striped tunic or anything like that). She called me to alert me to this. I promptly tagged our Queen. Brief conversation via FaceBook ensued.

The person who had put the displays together stopped by to speak to Megan. She had corrected the omissions. Presumably it was a simple mistake. Said person was not upset with Megan or her posting to FaceBook. Names were not named (or even known to be named). Katherine de la Vache is OK by us (being the aforementioned person).

The Queen deputized someone who will remain nameless to speak with Megan (before Katherine came by and touched base). Based on my wife's remarks, said person was more focused on chastising her for having the temerity to publish her pictures and remarks on FaceBook and for calling me instead of going directly to the Queen. Really? I gather there was at least insinuation that someone was "upset" at the postings. *sigh*

Let's shoot the messenger, why don't we?

To be clear, I have no beef with the Queen. None at all. It's really the person she charged to follow up who appears to have stepped in it. And the person whose error prompted all this is not upset nor is Megan upset with her. Stuff happened; it got fixed. No extra drama. FaceBook messaging worked well to communicate with her, including closing the loop to note that the problem was fixed.

Mind you, it's set Megan off, and moved her to make remarks about not being "of Atlantia" any more, this being one more stupid slight done by or on behalf of powers that be.
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For those of you who don't follow me on FaceBook or Google+...

Saturday was Battle on the Bay, which included the investiture of new baronage for Storvik. Janina Krakowska has been working on the second morse for the baronial cloaks and finally got it done. It's right spectacular. I took pictures which you can see at the link below. The "high resolution" pictures are 6000x4000, and some of them are not as sharp as I'd hoped. But if you simply look at the picture of the whole thing, you can probably see far more detail than you expected any way.

Note that there are pictures of the first one for comparison. A lot was learned from that and applied to the second one.

In case you didn't know, a morse is the thingy that holds the cloak closed, as a really fancy clasp. The newer one is about 6x8 inches or so.

Both depict Ragnarr Torwaldsson (first seneschal) and Ysabeau Cameron (first baroness), and make reference to the seven semicolons. There was a coin toss; Ysabeau won and got to be baroness (if I'm remembering the story correctly).
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Busy weekends...

We've been in the new house for over a year now. The front bathroom was a known project when we moved in, but there is a second full bathroom to carry the load.

We stripped the bathroom down to bare studs, leaving only the toilet in place for now. I was able to recycle the tub and sink to Community Forklift. That beats tossing them.

The ceiling looked like it was sagging badly. The curvature was profound.

It wasn't rotten drywall ready to fall down. It was a ceiling joist that had bowed down a lot, probably because the "vent" fan was blowing its output along that joist *under* the insulation. Amazing.

The past two weekends involved getting the ceiling redone right and rearranging the wiring, in part to shift the door for the linen closet from the hallway to the bathroom.  Last weekend was pulling down wall board, doing and redoing some electrical bits, and cutting out studs that needed cutting. Oh, and pulling up most of the tile from the floor.

Yesterday, we finished removing the nasty insulation from above and then dropped the drywall. The bowed joist was well out of line, maybe an inch and a half at the worst. Trimming that with a circular saw was an adventure. We hung a new bathroom vent fan so that it could be vented properly.

Today, I wrestled with the soffit where the fan was to vent. The alligator tapped out.

Vent tubing was installed, secured, and taped up with the generous application of aluminum tape.

With the ceiling bare, I could finish the wiring. The fan worked and it's quiet!

R-30 fiberglass batts got emplaced. Nice, clean, thick batts. Not the nasty multi-layered, vapor-barriered compressed thin batts that I pulled out of there.

Finally came the sheetrock. Panel lift for the win.

I still have bare studs, but it's progressed to 'having a good ceiling'.

I'm sore, but it's a good sore. Dr. ZRFQ has been in invaluable help in this. Both in the grunt work and in providing spare neurons for the making of synapses.

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SCA Meme

Ganked from zephyrofgod:

- Been an officer? Yep. Heralds of various flavors
- Do you have an SCA name? Yep. Herveus d'Ormonde
- Do you have an SCA persona? Yep. Sort of. One of Henry's new men holding land in Lancashire in 1125.
- Changed persona because of different garb? Nope.
- Been adopted by a person, household or clan? Yep.
- Had a name and/or device accepted by the SCA College of Arms? Yes.
- Had a name and/or device rejected by the SCA College of Arm? Nope.
- Been taken as or taken an apprentice, protege or squire? Yep. Was a protege.

- Been an Event Steward/Autocrat? Nope.
- Cooked an Event? Been kitchen help.
- Taught a class at an event? Yep.
- Run an activity at an event? Yep.
- Ever fought at an event? Nope. I don't do the "let other people try to hit me with sticks" thing.
- Ever fought at Pennsic or another War? Nope.
- Done a different martial art at an event? Nope.
- Ever run a martial activity at an event? Nope.
- Fought at an event tourney? Nope.
- Ever fought in a Crown Tourney? Nope.
- Won a tourney or contest at an event? Yep. I won a "canal boat" race.
- Made your own armor? Yep, but not for SCA use.
- Made your own weapons? Yep, but not for SCA use..
- Been a squire? Nope.
- Have rank as an archer? Nope.
- Have rank as a fencer? Nope.
- Created a siege weapon? Nope.

- Have you ever entered an A&S contest? Yep.
- Have you ever won an A&S contest? Yes.
- Ever run an A&S contest? Nope.
- Ever judge/critique items in an A&S contest? Yep.
- Ever wordsmithed a scroll? Yep.
- Illuminated a scroll? Nope.
- Done the Calligraphy for a scroll? Nope.
- Made your own paper? Nope.
- Made a book? Nope.
- Make someone's order medallion? Nope.
- Write someone in for an award? Yep. Multiple times.
- Have you ever sewn your own garb? Yes.
- Sewn Garb for others? Nope.
- Ever been sewing on the way to an event? Yep.
- Ever finished an outfit before an event? Yes.
- Researched and completed an outfit from said research? Sort of.
- Ever taught a class on sewing? Nope.
- Finished a hat? Nope.
- Do you know how to spin? Sort of.
- Ever woven your own fabric? Yes. Well, trim like parts, anyway.
- Do you know how to knit? Yes, but I don't do it hardly at all.
- Do you know how to crochet? Yes, and I have a scarf to prove it.
- Have you ever dyed your own yarn or fabric? Nope.
- Embroidered a garment? Yep.
- Beaded a garment? Nope.
- Ever entertained at a feast? Nope.
- Ever ran a bardic circle? Nope.
- Ever performed in a bardic circle? Yep.
- Had songs requested from you at such? Nope.
- Ever competed in a formal bardic? Nope.
- Know any period songs? Yes, though I'd like to learn more.
BONUS: Have you ever translated a scroll? Nope.

- Ran a court as Royalty? Nope.
- Ran a court as Herald? Yep.
- Heralded at Court? Yes.
- Been an Attendant, Guard or Champion at court? Yes.
- Been called to court to receive an award? Yep.
- Been called to court to present something? Yep.
- Been called to court for punishment? Not yet.
- Been part of a court "schtick"? Nope, but it amuses me.
- Done something while watching court, e.g., spin, sew, embroider? Yep. Tablet weaving.
- Had a royal comment on what you're doing? Nope.
- Have awards from more than one Kingdom? Nope.

- Have you ever gone to Pennsic? Yep.
- Ever done Zero Night? Nope.
- How many Pennsics have you gone to? A bunch. 22 in a row plus a couple, I think.
- Ever taught a class at Pennsic? Yep.
- Taken a class at Pennsic? Yep.
- Gone to Opening ceremonies? Yep.
- Been a waterbearer? Yep.
- Placed in a Pennsic tournament? Nope.
- Worked a shift at Chirurgeons Point at Pennsic? Nope.
- Worked a shift as security at Pennsic? Nope.
- Volunteered in any other capacity? Yep.
- Ever merchanted at Pennsic? Yep.
- Gone to the swimming hole, Classic or Family? Yep.
- 'Trolled the Bog for parties?' Nope.
- Hosted a party at Pennsic? Yep; small scale.
- Been part of a 'Pennsic building project'? Nope.

- Ever traveled more than 8 hours each way for a one day event? Yep.
- Gone to a different Kingdom for an event? Yes.
- Lived in a different Kingdom? Nope.
- Have trailer hitch and trailer, mainly because of the SCA? Yep.
- What ridiculous lengths you've gone to get to an event? Flown overseas more than once.

- Run out of closet space because of garb/gear? Nope.
- Ever crammed more than 4 people into a hotel room? Yep.
- Met your future spouse at an SCA event? Nope.
- Met most past significant others in an SCA setting? Nope.
- Have better research books than your public library? Probably, if one is careful with the scope.
- Is your tent bigger than your first apartment? Certainly bigger than my first dorm room.
- How many sewing machines do you have? I think two.
- Own an anvil? Yep.
- Added something to the YKITSCA-When lists? Nope.
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IT follies

Because of "heightened security", passwords now expire in 30 days instead of 90.


The system nags you about a "soon to expire" password for the last 14 days of the period.


That means that either you change you password every two weeks to shut it up, or you have to affirmatively dismiss the warning, which, by the way, causes the authentication dialog to reappear in the browser. And that will be happening two weeks out of four. Brilliant.

I'm having a hard time seeing how this enhances anything other than irritation on the part of users.

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Real Estate Follies: I don't think it is a train

We have an appointment to go sign lots of paper on Friday afternoon. When we are done, I will own only one piece of real estate, and I will have (for the nonce) no mortgage loans. The first is a Good Thing; the second temporary according to our grand financial plan.

The buyers did not get stupid with the house inspection. That they inspector found fresh termite spoor was annoying, and is fixed. Likewise the significantly positive radon test was annoying, but is fixed. The appraisal took longer to obtain and then to be presented than seems reasonable, but it came in "big enough". At that point, the lender had all the documents needed save the appraisal. The buyers had their act together. We're ready to get this done.

Meanwhile, the tax refunds have also appeared and are about to pay for the overdue alignment and fresh tires on the van. This is a good thing to do *before* a cross country trip.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I think I have done enough grading/groundwater redirection to keep the crawl space from flooding. I suspect strongly that the hole in the front yard was over the old septic tank, and with water flowing down the driveway, across the front, and into the hole, it was making its way into the crawl space. I've seen water gathering in the front yard, but not getting to where the hole was, and I haven't seen water in the crawl space since then either. I still need work done on the crawl space; the sump pump doesn't, for starters, and we really do need a vapor barrier between the dirt surface and the rest of the house. Soon, I say.

I have a working wash tub in the shop now. It had a single basin tub that was shy a leg and leaked. I've installed a double basin tub. I ended up doing some solvent welding and some copper plumbing. I haven't forgotten how.

I've been looking at getting a planer for my shop; the one I had been using for years wasn't actually mine, and its owner reclaimed it. The DeWalt portable did yeoman service, but I think I'm going to upgrade a bit: Grizzly G0453PX 15" Planer with spiral cutterhead

I have several 220V circuits in the shop that are not being used. I'll have to do a bit of wiring, but that should not be hard.

I've got loom orders to get finished, but the planer is not holding up the works there. Yet. This might be an "after Pennsic" item.

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Updates on life and house

We bought the house on 30 December. We have pulled up the carpet in the living room and the dining room to reveal the hardwood floors. The bedroom we will end up in has been painted and is ready for it's carpet removal. I still have to paint the baseboard trim and the new door as well. It's coming along nicely.

We've managed to get the two larger containers from United-Mayflower emptied and returned. Now we work on the three SmartBoxes. One is already empty.

The new house is a lot less formal than the old. It's all on one level, and, being more cozy, just feels nice. We also use the back door as much or more than the front door -- something I grew up with and did not have in the Bowie house. There's something about using the back door.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here at work instead of being somewhere between Hinsdale, MA and Manchester, NH. I'm expected to obtain a Security+ certification within six months of coming on board, and a class+exam was arranged for this week. I passed the exam with a really good score (well more than just "passing"), so that worked out fine. I found that 30+ years in the trade left me knowing much of the material already. The class just organized and highlighted much of it. I also managed to not be "that guy" in the class, although the instructor did note that I was close. I agreed and allowed that I tried to behave myself. The instructor told me that I got the highest score on the test he had ever seen.

The effect is that I'm not going to be at Birka. I'm glad Evan was willing and able to go to help Megan with the lifting and toting. I like going to Birka, but I'll be taking advantage of the situation to mind the dog and to work on the house. There's no shortage of Things To Do.

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The Herveus has a new address


We had until the 30th of December to close on the new house or else.

10:30 am, Friday, we started in on the signing.

The rest of the weekend involved getting things into the house, tearing up the carpet in the living room, and related cleaning and unpacking. The hardwood floor in the living room has some dark patches that may well be urine burns from dog pee, but it's mostly OK. We'll be putting a rug down over the worst of it. We've made excellent progress on emptying out the large storage bins. One is down to mostly shelves and the china cupboard. The other has a bunch of lumber I need to extract next so we can get to the sofa parts. We are especially thankful to Dave and Sallie who spent the weekend with us lending a hand.

Meanwhile, we wait until Thursday to get the telecom services moved over. No land line, intartubes, or TV until then.

I've met several of the neighbors to useful effect, and we got a light show last night. Thankfully, no one was injured, but the neighbors two houses over are probably out of home for a bit while they clean up after a fire. From my vantage point, I'm guessing an appliance went up, but it didn't get a chance to get into the structure. One fire truck arrived but never disgorged people before being excused, and the truck that set up line to a second hydrant never opened the hydrant. That is good. No ambulances were required.

Chocolate (the dog) seems to be settling in well. He seems to have adjusted to the new circumstances. The house is no longer an echoey empty place, and he has more space to run around in, although full access will have to wait until we can get the fence resolved. In particular, I've got a twenty foot wide driveway to block off, and that's going to be a substantial gate.

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