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Busy weekends... - Herveus rambles
March 3rd, 2013
09:02 pm


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Busy weekends...
We've been in the new house for over a year now. The front bathroom was a known project when we moved in, but there is a second full bathroom to carry the load.

We stripped the bathroom down to bare studs, leaving only the toilet in place for now. I was able to recycle the tub and sink to Community Forklift. That beats tossing them.

The ceiling looked like it was sagging badly. The curvature was profound.

It wasn't rotten drywall ready to fall down. It was a ceiling joist that had bowed down a lot, probably because the "vent" fan was blowing its output along that joist *under* the insulation. Amazing.

The past two weekends involved getting the ceiling redone right and rearranging the wiring, in part to shift the door for the linen closet from the hallway to the bathroom.  Last weekend was pulling down wall board, doing and redoing some electrical bits, and cutting out studs that needed cutting. Oh, and pulling up most of the tile from the floor.

Yesterday, we finished removing the nasty insulation from above and then dropped the drywall. The bowed joist was well out of line, maybe an inch and a half at the worst. Trimming that with a circular saw was an adventure. We hung a new bathroom vent fan so that it could be vented properly.

Today, I wrestled with the soffit where the fan was to vent. The alligator tapped out.

Vent tubing was installed, secured, and taped up with the generous application of aluminum tape.

With the ceiling bare, I could finish the wiring. The fan worked and it's quiet!

R-30 fiberglass batts got emplaced. Nice, clean, thick batts. Not the nasty multi-layered, vapor-barriered compressed thin batts that I pulled out of there.

Finally came the sheetrock. Panel lift for the win.

I still have bare studs, but it's progressed to 'having a good ceiling'.

I'm sore, but it's a good sore. Dr. ZRFQ has been in invaluable help in this. Both in the grunt work and in providing spare neurons for the making of synapses.

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